What is the range of the Safety Turtle?

The base has a 200’ range and must see the pool. No walls in between. Test at all points around the pool.

Can I put Safety Turtle 2.0 on my child’s ankle?

No. We do not suggest this. It has never been tested on a child’s ankle.

Can we use Safety Turtle at a lake, pond, ocean or houseboat?

Safety Turtle 2.0 must see the water and be at the same elevation. We do not suggest using it anywhere but a backyard pool.

Can I have multiple Turtle with one base?

 Yes. A base can have as many Turtles as you want but the base must see them in order for the signal to trigger the alarm.

Is there a difference between Child and Pet Turtles?

All Turtles are the same….the child Turtle has a locking wristband and the pet Turtle has a velcro strap. They send the same signal to the base.

How long will my Turtles last?

Each Turtle has a battery sealed inside it. It will last 3-5 years.We suggest testing the Turtles each time you use them. The base will indicate if the battery is low.

Can the Turtle battery be replaced?

It is sealed inside the Turtle and cannot be replaced.

Can I still get Turtles for my older B102 Base?

That model is no longer made.   Safety Turtle 2.0 operates on a different radio frequency and is not compatible with the older model.

Can I buy Safety Turtle 2.0 at a store?

Safety Turtle 2.0 is sold only online at www.safetyturtle.com or our dealers on Amazon.

Can the Safety Turtle 2.0 be in an upstairs window?

Safety Turtle 2.0 operates on a radio signal. It must be at the same level as the pool. Test your location to insure it sees all points around the pool.

Can the Safety Turtle 2.0 be used outside the US?

Safety Turtle 2.0 has a European model which is a different radio frequency and comes with the appropriate adapter. If you have a US model and using it overseas, please check that you have correct adapters before using it on 220 voltage.

How long is the warranty?

Safety Turtle 2.0 has a one year warranty. Please retain your proof of purchase and contact us if you have any problems.  safetyturtle@rjeint.comor call 949-943-3349 ext 29.